February 14, 2009

Layered flower brooch

I love the texture of Muslin [finely woven cotton] it's great for making baby wraps the size they should be and for making pretty flower brooches!!! A nice addition to this plain singlet - it says summer to me :-)


gret said...

Ros, Ros!! I love this one! There is a theme emerging here...it really is time to sell these. I'll try my own chant - sell! sell! sell! sell!...or how about go etsy store! go etsy store! go esty store! Did that work?

Jenn Ballard said...

ok and can i just say, as only a sister can, you know never to make me one of these don't you :) he he. We are so alike in some ways and yet so different in others :) ha ha.

Rosalind said...

Yes Jenn! you won't be on the receiving end of anything flowery :-)