February 11, 2009

Reuben's rocket

I was commissioned to make a rocket wall hanging for my best friend's son - he loves rockets so she is decking out his room in a space theme. I based this rocket off a picture from his quilt cover. I really enjoyed making it although it took longer than anticipated... The dimensions are 19 x 22 inches. I inserted a small piece of dowel in the top but need to find some fixtures to keep the string in place to hang it up nicely! I also stitched the seam down but would probably use Velcro or press studs next time if I wanted to use a metal hanger from a craft store. I am once again being a naughty girl and posting photos of something prior to the recipient receiving their item. Well... it's not as bad as wearing a bridesmaid dress before being in the wedding yet is it?.... I have a girlfriend who has done that - I would be far too terrified that I would ruin the dress... eek.. anyway - that is a whole other post!


Rosalind said...

Woah my colours look way out here - it was afternoon natural light! The true colour is navy blue.

Shane Jeffery said...

Hi, It looks great. Mirjam told me about it today. I am doing sailing boats for levi's room. Do you have any patterns or seen any ideas? Let me know. Mel