June 19, 2009

Friday Favourites - Donna Hay

Donna Hay cookbooks re-vitalised my interest in cooking! I have always loved and was more interested in baking. Her books are filled with such a great collection of simple and delicious recipes with easily accessible ingredients. My husband can pick a DH recipe a mile off and proudly quips, "you would pay $40 for this out at a restaurant" - how nice it is to have your own personal cheer-leader. Donna also now has her own general store in Sydney which I am yet to visit but it's on the to-do list!


Jenn Ballard said...

Me too - a Donna Hay fan - so much so that I get called Donna Hay :) ha ha. I agree - she helps me heaps in the dept of what to do when it's not baking! I've never loved cooking dinners, but her stuff is soooo easy and soooo good and people think you're a legend masterchef ... i just say two words .. Donna Hay!

jennytaylor said...

I love how so many of her recipes are "place all ingredients in food processor. Process till combined. Put in tin. Bake till cooked." What could be simpler than that? They're fool-proof, even me-proof!

Esther Greenwood said...

I have lost all inspiration for cooking. Maybe I need to invite Donna Hay into my life. Tonight's menu consists of a choose-your-own meal: Charlotte chose Wiggles Spaghetti from a tin, I'm having chicken and corn soup from a tin and Jeff is having a toasted sandwich using tinned tuna (seeing a theme?).