November 9, 2010

Few and Far with Indigo Love..

As you probably gathered by yesterdays post we are back from a well-deserved holiday before hubby started his new job. We were fortunate enough to spend a whole week back at Jervis Bay which was beautiful, apart from the weather :-( So sad to be stuck indoors with stunning beaches and National parks but we made the most of it anyhow. Fortunately Jervis bay has a few lovely little finds which saved me :-) One of them was a gorgeous gift shop called Few and Far.

The week we were in town they opened another store called Indigo Love pictured below. It was right up my alley... I loved the interior - a stunning navy wallpaper teamed with pressed metal panels on the roof and gorgeous furniture hand-picked in China.

These were just taken on my little camera but hopefully give you a general idea. The owners, Tara & Danny - are talented designers who have very good taste, very friendly and know how to set up a store you want to linger in for ages.

Indigo Love is combined with a fabulous coffee shop called Pilgrims. Perfect coffee, yummy brownies and free chocolate crackles :-) Loved the vibe and decor also. Definitely two places to stop in on when you are in that neck of the woods!


Market Girl said...

That looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Shame about the weather. I suppose you still have your canberra tan then? x

Nattie said...

oh wow! what a fabulous store!! totally must visit them when i'm over there! thanks for sharing!

ana @ i made it so said...

adorable final photo! and i'll have what you're having, that swirly coffee goodness whatever it is! :)