November 4, 2011

Make it Perfect: Versatile Wrap Skirt

Make it Perfect - Versatile Wrap Skirt
My second Versatile Wrap Skirt by Make it Perfect.  This time it fits so much better as I actually measured myself and made the right size!  Fabric is a cheap Voile from Spotlight, which I lined with a light cotton in red.  I also top-stitched both top and bottom catching both layers.   

Looks like Nana's tablecloth - Love it.

My little man was 18months old yesterday!  He has been doing a lot of this lately - clinging to my legs accompanied with plenty of whinging!!!  Due to an explosion of teeth and a couple of colds I think.

Looking a little happier here!


gret said...

Love the skirt! Nice one. x

Jane Elise said...

Was just at Spotty and saw that fabric - it looks great made-up! I might have to single-white-female you ;)

Jane Elise said...

And may I also say I empathise with you on the teething/colds front. I think they always come together. Why is that?

Rosalind said...

Go ahead Jane :-) I don't know...Murphy's law I guess!

Yana said...

skirt looks great, you chose beautiful fabric :)